In June 2008, Saxo Bank signed a major sponsorship agreement with Bjarne Riis’ cycling team . The agreement meant that Saxo Bank, together with CSC, became sponsor of the cycling team ahead of the Tour de France in July of the same year. Team CSC Saxo Bank quickly produced results when the team’s captain Carlos Sastre won the Tour de France in a magnificent way. The victory in the Tour de France also helped secure Team CSC Saxo Bank a victory in the team competition for the second time in its history, while tour debutant Andy Schleck won the white youth jersey.

In January 2009, Saxo Bank took over the entire sponsorship of the team known as Team Saxo Bank.
In 2011, the team name was Team Saxo Bank – Sungard. In January 2012, Saxo Bank again took over the entire sponsorship of the team under the name Team Saxo Bank.


Saxo Bank, which has won several awards for its online trading platforms, is very proud to be the co-sponsor of some of the best cyclists and best cycling teams in the world. The success of Team Saxo Bank, which is the result of strong commitment and teamwork, reflects Saxo Bank’s own focus on providing the best online trading solutions to its customers.

“At Saxo Bank we have found the perfect future partner. We are incredibly proud to be associated with such a strong brand and company that has so much interest in our team and our values. It has been a pleasure to close the deal with such interested and professional people as Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen. From the first meeting, we have had a great understanding of each other, and it seems to be a first-rate collaboration for the next several years, ”says Bjarne Riis, Director of Team Saxo Bank.


Saxo Bank’s two founders and directors Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen pointed out during the signing of the cooperation agreement that this is an opportunity they have long been waiting for. “For a global company like Saxo Bank, it is a perfect match and an opportunity we could not forgo when the opportunity presented itself.” Team CSC Saxo Bank has the international format and name that can help us spread our messages to our customers around the world. We love cycling and are confident that we will win together, ”they say in a joint statement.
As another reason for the decision to support the team, Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen mention that cycling, in addition to being one of the world’s most popular sports, also shares values ​​with which Saxo Bank can identify. “Winning mentality and teamwork is exactly what Saxo Bank has always stood for,” they say. “Endurance and passion are other features we have in common. We are proud that we now have the opportunity to focus on these values ​​and show what sports and business can accomplish together. ” Read more